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Greetings & Salutations:

This month's issue was prompted by my ol'friend and Attendee Ron Gershen ( when he wrote:

"Consider the following as a topic for your e-letter:

"Don't do deals that can't be done!"

I don't mean deals that can never be done, I'm talking about, within your lifetime?

How many times have you heard a so-called finder/broker (whatever) talk about the deal/project he or she has been working for the past year and a half.  Every time I hear this only one question comes to mind: WHY?  How many deals could they have put together within that time frame working on things that made sense instead of things that make no sense.  Ahhh, but if they only knew the difference.

You know, I almost added that you could write a book about that.  If you haven't, I know you must have covered it completely in at least three books already.  If you brought this out and expanded upon it in your inimitable style, I believe it would be of enormous benefit to your readers and potential customers.

As always Jim, should you or your team get caught or captured, ISF will claim insanity and leave for Bolivia with suitcases full of old credit cards and very little cash.

I used to want to grow up to be just like you.  But now that I'm 64, I've come to realize that I will never make it to the year 2641 to reach such a lofty goal.

In Response:

Wouldn't it be wonderful if I could get that message across to the vast multitude of business wannabees out there in the business wonderland - but - illogical hope springs eternal in the misinformed and uninformed minds of beginning business hopefuls.

In my Finder's Fee course ... the bible of the Finding industry ... I have a short chapter entitled, "No Fee Possible," which details the kinds of Finder's Fee opportunities that CAN NOT be done; except by the most professional of professionals (already in the industry).  But, as you may have already guessed, there isn't a week goes by that I don't hear from some beginning finder who is trying to do one of the deals I have specifically named as a "No Fee Possible" deal.

Right now, some of you readers may be asking...

"How can I tell that a deal is not doable, unless I try to do it?"

In order to keep away from undoable deals, there are three pieces of advice I have always given to business beginners ... and I have just added a fourth to the list.

First -- Never trust your own, personal opinion of a deal or business.

If you have never been involved in the kind of deal or business you are considering, you DO NOT "know" enough to say, "This won't work." -- You can not judge any kind of deal or business based upon your own, personal lack of experience.

Over the years, I have watched countless business people step over dollars ... chasing dimes ... simply because they wouldn't do what needed to be done.  They have depended upon their own misinformed, or uninformed, opinions to keep chasing non-existent rainbows.

Second -- When you begin in any deal; or business, ASK for advice from someone who is already SUCCESSFULLY involved in that business or industry.

Notice I said "SUCCESSFULLY involved." -- Beware of those who "haven't made any money, yet, but know someone, who knows someone who did."

Successful business people love for you to ask them about their particular business or industry.  It massages their egos.  If YOU find them worthy of asking, they must really be somebody.

IF the people who are "SUCCESSFULLY involved" in that business or industry explain to you "why" your business or deal won't work, you are better off abandoning the idea; rather than chasing a non-existent rainbow. -- Of course, if all they can say is "it won't work," without telling you "why" it won't work, ASK someone else.

Third -- If you are entering into a deal, or business, because you have "read" only ONE book, report, article, course, manual, or whatever, about that particular kind of business, DO NOT do anything until you've found, and read, at least 3 more books, reports, etc., about that business.

Reading, and depending upon, only ONE source of information (especially in business) leaves you at the mercy of the PERSONAL opinions, foibles, misunderstandings, and other psychological manifestations of that ONE author. -- It may also be (as happens all too often) that the author is writing about a one-time, lucky accident that couldn't happen again in the business community in a thousand years.

By reading a variety of books, reports, articles, courses, manuals, etc., about the kind of deal or business you are considering, you will at least have input from a variety of writers ... one of whom may have actually "done" what you want to do.  Because ...

It used to be that those of us who wrote about "how to do business" did so from our own personal, practical, hands-on experience.  (I am one of the few survivors of that generation.) -- Today, over 99% of the "how to do business" information on the market is written by research writers who have never "done it" ... they've only "read about it" and rewritten what they have read.

Look at the "Internet Marketing" books on the market today. -- You may have noticed, as I did in December last year, that they are the same old stuff, over and over and over and over ... each one just another rewrite of the one before.  (I didn't make any money on the Internet until I threw them all away and followed what my own, personal "experience" had taught me about marketing.)

Which brings me to the latest addition to my "advice to beginners" ...

Fourth -- When the only "SUCCESSFULLY involved" business people you can find in a specific deal or business are only successful because they are selling information about "how to" be successful in that business, DO NOT believe anything they say ... unless (shame on you) you are going to be rewriting and  selling the same misinformation.

In other words, when all of the books, reports, articles, courses, manuals, etc., about the kind of deal or business you are considering (without exception) say exactly the same thing, you can bet your bippie it is a "get rich from rewriting and selling the same information" business.

By the way, if you ever see a book, report or manual written by ME about "how to get rich on the Internet," you can bet your bippie it will be AFTER I have gotten "rich" on the Internet.

For those of you who might not know, Ron Gershen is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the "International Society of Financiers" -- an organization of professional lenders and brokers.

If YOU happen to be involved in the "Financial Industries," contact Ron to learn all about the "International Society of Financiers" and the many benefits of membership. -- Let the world know you are a professional.  Join the society and display your credentials.

Ron Gershen (

Now, let's do some ...

Questions & Answers, Comments & Other Good Stuff!

Robert Marvel ( wanted to know ...

"I just bought your Finder's Fee program.  I have a few questions. -- (1)  You talked about trade magazines or trade newspaper.  Which one?  Business paper?  How do you find customers in those places?  Do I have to buy these papers?  Or, can I get them for free  on the Internet?  How do I find business in them?  Any websites? -- (2)  Are there any other places to get good business from? -- (3)  Can you get Business from outside the U.S.A.?  And, how can I do that?"

Robert ...

There are publications dedicated to every industy/trade in the country.  Just do a search for the industry/trade plus the word publications (i.e. if you were looking for "mining equipment" search for "mining equipment publications"). -- You can also do a search for "trade publications" ... there are a number of free sources.

You can usually get a sample issue of the publication by calling the Advertising Department and asking for a "Media Kit" because you are thinking  about advertising in their publication.

When you get an issue of the publication, read the ads. You will find both buyers and sellers there.

Getting business outside the U.S. can be done.  Just have your seller in the U.S. agree to pay your fee after you have found a buyer outside the U.S. ... as explained in my course.

Remember:  Every seller is also a buyer.  Shoe stores  have to buy shoes somewhere in  order to sell  them.

Mohamed Cassim ( tells me ...

"I am doing some deals to put buyers and sellers together for the products available here in Malaysia. If any of your readers want to import any product from Malaysia, I can help them.  Just ask them to contact me."

Need anything from Malaysia?  Send him an email.

Peter De Lio ( wanted me to tell you ...

"Do yourself and your readers a huge favor and get in on this deal. -- Get Paid Every 24 Hours! -- No Recruiting - No Sponsoring! -- Earn Daily!  Easy!! -- 5 to 6 Figures Realistic!"

Okay, Gang ...

Check it out aces-high ...

Jeremy James ( says ...

"If a 'head in the sand' attitude is what you've been experiencing when you re totally dissatisfied with a product that you've purchased, then you need this ebook ... Satisfaction Guaranteed - Getting Past The Corporate Smokescreen.  Inside, you ll discover the Who, What, Why, Where, When and How for dealing with Corporate America s attitude towards consumers/customers."

Go take a look for your own  self ...

Luke Avedon ( has something he wants to share with you ...

"I thought your e-newsletter readers might be interested in  the services of someone I just did business with.  He is an excellent sales coach ... specializing in cold calls. -- I realized I had to get on the phone and call people I had never met.  I was terrified of cold calling.  NOTHING in the world could get me to pick up that phone. --  Even when I finally mustered up the courage ... I was awful ... couldn't  sell a hot dog to a starving man.  This guy holds your hand through the whole process and makes sure you know exactly what to say. -- Best of all ... he  is the  only coach I could find  who is happy to make calls with you. -- I can't recommend him highly enough.  Some of your readers might be as increditly frightened about cold calling, telephone sales, or just plain having to do business on the phone as I was.  I won't receive any money to promote him.  I just think he might be able to help some folks. -- If anyone is interested, they can e-mail me."

So, if cold calling would make your business better, e-mail Luke.  Ask him about a Free 30-Minute No Obligation Session.

Scott Becker ( tells me ...

"I help businesses cut the fat and waste from their marketing and advertising and increase net profits at the same time using proven online and offline marketing tactics and strategies. -- Things like websites, mobile optimized websites, Facebook Fan Page marketing, text message marketing, email marketing and implementing these in their offline marketing too."

Check it out.  Scott may be able to help you ...

Art Bissonnette ( wrote ...

"It is my privilege to share with Professionals the story of a firm created in 1915 that has Prospered in every Depression and Recession.  Dr. Shaklee developed the very first Vitalized Minera (now called Vitamin).  In 1956 Dr. Shaklee took the firm public introducing Network Marketing employing Direct Distribution with Global Markets.  These are exciting times where so many families and Professionals are attracted to In-Home business opportunities."

Learn all about it at:

Well ... that's it for this month. -- In order to make every issue responsive to YOUR needs, please send me your questions; or tell me what sources or resources you need to build your business; or give me any thoughts you want to share with your fellow members.

Believe it or don't ... I ain t a mind-reader. -- If n you doesn't tell me what you need, I may never touch upon the information, sources or resources you need.

This is your publication for you to use to your benefit ... I am just your moderator.

 Until next month, keep well ...

J.F. (Jim) STRAW
Grande Panjandrum

Thoughts For The Month!

"Why don't you want to do what you know you should do?  The reason you don't is that you're in conflict with yourself." -- Tom Hopkins

"We swallow with one gulp the lie that flatters us, and drink drop by drop the truth which is bitter to us."-- Denis Diderot

Can you stump the old master? -- Betcha can't!

Over the past 50 years (man and boy), I have made bundles of money in direct selling, service contracting, wholesale merchandising, entertainment (I was a professional Trumpet player, vocalist & Radio Announcer), freight forwarding, import/export, retail merchandising, warehousing, real estate, electronics manufacturing, finder's fees, closeout merchandising, financial brokerage, business consulting, steel fabrication, gold and coal mining, offshore banking, mailorder, writing, and publishing. -- That being the case ...

No matter what business you're in ... whether you're just starting, well on your way, or at the top of the heap ... I've probably been where you are, done what you are doing. -- So ...

Anytime you have a question about 'how' to do something in your business - or - if you have any comments about anything I've said in issues of this e-Letter; or if you want to add your 2 cents worth ... just "ask" me or "tell" me.

Send your Questions, Comments or 2 Cents Worth to ...

with "Question" - "Comment" - or, "2 Cents Worth" in the SUBJECT.

If I, personally, don't have an answer to any question you may ask, I will contact some of the professionals in your field of endeavor (I will probably know one or more personally) to get the real 'skinny' for you.

Note: If you want to ask a question anonymously just tell me so when you send in the question. -- Nobody but you and I will know who asked the question.

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