At least an hundred times each month, I am asked ...

What is the easiest business to start?
What business can make me money the fastest?

Two of the easiest businesses to start and make money fast are ...

Internet Marketing & Mailorder Marketing

Since I have made fortunes in both businesses, I have written reports on both subjects ... from my own, personal SUCCESSFUL experiences. (Over 15,000 of those reports have been sold since they were written.)

My Mailorder Course regularly sells for $49.95 - and - my Affiliate Marketing Course regularly sells for $99.95 -- a total of $149.90 for both courses (over 15,000 copies of these reports have been sold at those prices). -- But ...

Since there is still a wide spread interest in these two businesses ... especially how they are similar and how they are different ... I have decided to combine both courses in a very Special Offer. -- SO ...

You may now order both my Mailorder Course and my Affiliate Markting Course for only $75 ... that's 50% of what both courses would cost you separately.

You can find out all about these courses by clicking ...

Mailorder Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Of course, after you read about the courses, you will have to come back here to order the combined offer.


J.F. (Jim) STRAW

P.S. When you order this combined offer ... my Affiliate Marketing course and my Mailorder Marketing course ... you will also receive a copy of "Unlimited Wealth Online Using Offline Methods" ... by John Griffin (328 pages). -- With this awesome report in your hands, you will be able to marry and meld the phenomenal power of direct mail with the speed and ease of the Internet!

You probably won't get rich "overnight" - but...if you apply what you learn in these two courses ... you can really Get really Rich - slowly, surely and absolutely.


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